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We are a fairly new business but with an established and successful background.  How so ? Prior to starting ElectroDynamic Solutions I had taken a two year sabbatical (to build a house!)after selling my highly successful business Tallon Monitoring ltd. As a electronics design and manufacturing company we had over 100 designs with a wide variety of customers from SME's to large international corporations. See below for more details.

Due to a fortuitous event I met with Mike from Dynamo Regulators as I  needed a replacement voltage regulator for my 1953 Alvis and having recognised a good design when I see one I decided to take on the business for the DVR3/4 as Mike was looking to focus on the motorcycle business.

We intend to manufacture and grow the market for the original Dynamo Regulator Ltd existing design for the DV3/4 range or products. In addition we will be bringing to the market additional products with enhanced features and lower costs.

ElectroDynamicSolutions will also be offering up to date solutions for the other bane of classic cars - the ignition system. Watch our news items for new product introductions.

Like Dynamo regulators before us all of our products are designed by us and built by us in Great Britain. ElectroDynamicSolutions undertakes all electronic research, design and development and manufacture, as well as all other aspects of product design, engineering and quality control.

 One of the main aims in taking on the DRV3/4 range is to provide voltage regulators of superior design to improve charging systems of many varieties of dynamo equipped machinery. Modern electronics can greatly enhance the performance and reliability compared with original electromechanical regulators. (which, by the way, were an excellent piece of engineering at the time and badly misunderstood and unfairly criticised ). What we do is to offer the same functionality as the original Emec units but without the performance drop off due to wear and tear and with significantly better reliability.

With over 35 years in the electronics industry as a design engineer, I started after I graduated with a Bsc honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Lucas CAV designing electronics for vehicles. I later worked in the USA both in NJ, Silicon Valley and Cape Canaveral as a silicon chip designer working with customers such as Lucas, Bosch and ABB on a wide variety of chips (analogue power technology) from seat heater controllers to knock detection signal processing.  I started and owned Tallon Monitoring Ltd for over 20 years and designed and manufactured analogue and digital systems for both commercial and High Reliability applications including the UK MOT system computerisation Smart Card technology platform. I am named on 6 patents.

A car “nut” I own several classics including a Alvis TC21/100 which ran the London to Peking Rally, an MGB 1965 works rally car that ran in the Targa Florio Rallies and a Porsche 944. I have a passion for a good classic

Key People - Experience

35 years experience in E lectronics

Design and manufacture in the UK

Experience in designing electronics for vehicle applications

Happy to listen ! If you have a suggestion ping me an email.

Expertise in high reliability design

In house test facility

Over 35 years experience in design and manufacture of Electronics Systems

Enthusiasts who own and “fettle” with their own classic vehicles

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