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 High Performance combined with rugged reliability.


Over the next year we will be introducing a range of regulators suitable for boats and cars fitted with Dynastarts. These units offer a tough challange for electronic regulators due to the high start currents that pass through the unit when cranking. This can cause damage to regulators due to the spikes and inductive back EMF. Our unit disconnects the regulator from the dynastart until the engine is running and ensures a "soft start" to the charging function. Watch this space !

Like our predecessor Dynamo regulators all of our products are designed and built by us in the UK. Electro Dynamic Solutions undertakes all electronic research, design/development and manufacture, as well as all other aspects of product design, engineering and quality control. Achieving all this 'in house' enables us to be very responsive and keeps costs low. Every unit is tested thoroughly prior to dispatch. We take pride in our work so you can be confident when purchasing from the experts that our products will serve you reliably for many years to come.



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Welcome to the ElectroDynamics Solutions website. Our Aim is to supply high quality electronic solutions for the charging systems of classic vehicles, boats and tractors to replace or augment the original OEM fitted parts.

Whats wrong with the original parts ? Nothing ! - Until they go wrong and the only replacements are poorly manufactured copies of the original OEM units. I  know from experience as a classic car owner the hassle when your beloved dumps you on the roadside with a failed charging system. That's why I took on this work. To supply replacements parts for the original mechanical regulators that outperform the OEM parts and give significantly better charging - and - newly designed Dynastart modules to provide a reliable start up - at low temperatures, low revs and weak battery performance.


Key Advantages

  * Lower cut in speed

  * Better battery charging

  * Very low heat dissipation

  * Tight voltage setting

  * Over current protection

  * Solid state electronics

  * Rugged Housing



Our dynamo regulators are the latest generation in the well proven family of regulators orignally manufactured and supplied by Dynamo Regulators for automotive, tractor and boat applications over many years of use. The current units have been substantially updated to take advatage of newer technology whilst retaining the same functionality and interchangability with the first generation. We manufacture regulators for 6 and 12 volt battery systems. .

The latest generation utilises industrial grade parts and where possible those made to AEC Q100 standard. They use surface mount technology and innovative design that makes them rugged, reliable and cost effective. Best in everyway !